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This slimming patch adopts traditional Chinese medicine navel therapy. Made from natural ingredients that helps in losing weight, slimming down and also increases energy levels. Applied through transdermal technology, over the navel. Once absorbed by the body, you will see a noticeable weight loss.

Simply place the herbal ball onto the navel and cover with the patch.
Use one piece a day, during night time for 8-12 hours.
Go the natural way. Get yours now and start shedding those extra pounds!

Slimming Patch Size:Approx. 2cm / 0.79inch (Ball Diameter)
NET WT: Approx.0.1-0.2kg
Tape Measurement: 10 cm x 10 m

Ginseng, Elaterin, Honeysuckle, Aloe, Five-leaf gynostemma herb, Semen cassia torea, Folium Nelumbinis and Barbary Wolf-Berry Fruit
*Package Include:
40 x Slimming Patches
1 x Roll of Medical Fixation Tape

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