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Baking Dough Shaper Gun

Product Details

Calling all baking lovers! If you spend most of your time in your kitchen finding new stuff or ways to bake, then you are definitely in for a treat today! You came to the right place because the is Baking Dough Shaper Gun here to help you solve in making creative cookie baking needs.

Multiple Shapes – With 12 plastic disc to create different designs & 6 decorating tips to dispense out unique icing sizes, baking can never be exciting than this.

Ergonomic Design – The easy to use handles makes it comfortable to used & the clear tube lets you see how much dough is left in there, giving you an idea how much to use them.

Durable & Safe – Made from food grade PP material + stainless steel, the product will not affect the taste, texture, quality or health of the food.

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