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10mm/16mm Square Hole Saw Auger Drill Bit Mortising Chisel Auger Drill Bit Woodworking Tool Square hole drill can not be used on an electric drill, drill square holes need to fit a square hole drill drilling (mortise and tenon machine) to use. Mortise and tenon square hole drilled by the terrible + outer sleeve in the middle of the combination.


1. Square hole drill / chisel angle is mainly used for woodworking: rosewood, board, shaving board, MDF Board.
2. Special Technology production, durable and not easy to break.
3. Arc design, exquisite sharpen durable.
4. The square chisel mortiser combines the cutting of a four-sided chisel with the action of a drill bit in the center,
5. The bit clears out most of the material to be removed, and the chisel ensures the edges are straight and clean.

Material: High Speed Steel
Size: 10mm/16mm (Please choose the size you want)
Quantity: 1pc
Use matters: Square hole drill is mainly used for woodworking aspects.


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