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Handheld Stabilizer

Product Details

100% new and high quality! \e stable and smooth photos and videos. Support for iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy, Huawei, etc. 
Allows you to shoot more exciting images with panoramic mode and smart track. 
This product has auto tracking and video recording for face recognition. 
You can easily change the mounting direction, horizontally or vertically. 
Battery life is about four hours. 

Color: Black 
Material: Fiberglass, Nylon, ABS 
Charging voltage: 5 V 
Charging current: 0.5 A 
Operating voltage: 3.4-4.2 V 
Operating current: 0.2-2 A 
Battery life: about four hours 
Power source: Built-in battery 
Size: about 291 × 120 × 50 mm 

Package includes: 
1 Pc. 
1 hinge * USB cable 
1 item * Manual 

1. Due to the use of a different monitor screen lamp, the actual color of the product is exactly the same as the color of the product in the photo; maybe the ly lamp differs due to the characteristics of the computer monitor. 
2. Measurements are made by hand, therefore deviations of 0.5-2 cm are possible

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