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Multi Cut - 3 in 1 Power Cutting Tool

Product Details

The 3-in-1 is the next generation of our original Multi-Cut. It performs all the jobs that the Multi-Cut does and more. The 3 in One has a titanium coated wire cutter that enables you to cut items like copper wire, aluminum and thin gauge steel wire.

The 3-in-1 also has a retractable anvil. While the anvil is retracted the razor blade protrudes forward converting the tool to a utility knife that is ideal for cutting carpet, linoleum, cardboard, drywall, etc. 

It is designed for cutting material that scissors can't handle. When used as a utility cutter it cuts plastic, linoleum, shrubs, thick leather, all types of hoses, automotive belts, PEX pipe, upholstery, dowels, hobby & craft items.

Inch graduations are etched into blade to aid in notching or simple measuring. It finishes the cut against a replaceable high impact plastic anvil that protects the blade from wear while it prevents splintering and fraying.

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